Announcements via email

  1. #1 by Kevin Lechleiter on 01-27-2016
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    Announcements via email

    Is there a way to receive your announcements in my email.? I missed the M32 Webinar because I hadn't looked in the announcements thread in a while. Thanks
  2. #2 by Michael Lapke on 01-28-2016
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    Hi Kevin,

    Yes there is actually. When you go to the main section at the top of the "Announcements" forum you will notice (below the search bar but just above the top post on the right hand side) there is a clickable link called "Forum Tools". Click there and you will see an option for you to click "Subscribe to this forum..."

    From here you are able to receive daily or weekly email notifications about posts that go up in this section of the forum. This will also work with other sections of the forum as well. Hope this helps!

    We'll definitely be doing more live broadcasts in the future and will be sure to post here.

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