Connectivity issues....Receiver/PC/802usb ......please advise !!

  1. #1 by Darren Retour on 01-19-2016
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    Connectivity issues....Receiver/PC/802usb ......please advise !!

    Hi all,

    I have an Onkyo receiver with hdmi output to a projector. The pc input is on a laptop and i wanted to couple up a Xenyx 802 USB so i could use two mics ( home Karaoke set up )

    When i plug the 802 into the laptop usb i loose the sound from the laptop itself. The mics through the mixer are connected and as i talk the sound bar goes up. I think im missing another lead here, maybe an output form the headphone socket to the 802 /

    Please advise if you have any ideas on where i am going wrong.

    many thanks

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    When i plug the 802 into the laptop usb i loose the sound from the laptop itself.
    You mean you don't have sound from the laptop speakers anymore? This means that the Xenyx is detected correctly and set as standard sound output.
    Make sure your amplifier is connected to the main out and press the "2-Track to Main" button to hear the sound of the laptop. Be careful, It might be very loud compared to the Microphones.
    If you want to control the sound of the laptop by a fader, I'd suggest not to use the USB but connect the headphone out of the laptop to one o the stereo inputs.
    Makse sure you use the correct adapters with 2x TS plug on the mixer side.
  3. #3 by Darren Retour on 01-21-2016
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    Many thanks Florian, ill give it a whirl. I'm just in the middle of trying to connect a 3.5mm lead from the headphone socket on the laptop to the PC out RCA on the receiver to see if sound can be carried through here instead.

    ill trying coupling through another source than USB too !!