DN9650 - Ultra noisy fan.

  1. #1 by Roi Gil on 11-11-2015
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    DN9650 - Ultra noisy fan.

    Is someone using DN9650 for virtual soundcheck and Dante recording here with the Pro series?

    I'm worried about how NOISY the DN9650 is. Its fan is louder than the Pro1 itself (at least the Pro1 fan speed can be configured).

    Someone using the DN9650 in theatres, classical, or calm environments? This is not a problem in rock concerts... But couldn't they have designed a QUIETER unit????

    By the way, SMALLER too, more than half of the 9650 interior is empty space (I'm assuming that air flowing reasons here, but come on...
  2. #2 by Bojan Zelenjak on 11-11-2015
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    DN9650 - Ultra noisy fan.


    I'm using DN9650 for virtual soundcheck and Dante recording with the Pro1.

    I totally agree with Roi. The fan is too noisy, especially for studio recording, for which I'm using DN9650.

    Can the fan be turned off in certain situations and could that be a problem?

    Otherwise I'm very satisfied with DN9650.

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  3. #3 by Devis Pavan on 11-12-2015
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    I agree with all of you. The fan is too noisy.
    I use my Pro1 with DN9650+Dante64 for studio/location recording work, and calm environments.
    I always try to isolate the box, but it's not always easy to do...
    I'd like have the possibility to set the fan speed, like the Pro1.
    Really a must-have!
    Pro1+Dante64 a very rock solid setup!!!

    Best regards,
  4. #4 by Vincent Pouly on 03-04-2017
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    Hi, I'm totally agree with you on both points :
    • PRO1 and DN9650 + Dante is really a great set up
    • The DN9650 is really really too noisy, at least, I hope a futur firmware update will correct this!
  5. #5 by Derek Dumais on 04-24-2018
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    I'm using the DN9650 in a theatre with a Pro2. The DN9650 is indeed as loud or louder than the Pro2. I have two Dolby Lake Processors in the same rack and I thought they were the problem, but I had them turned off and just the DN9650 on and I was shocked at how loud such a small unit is. I'm wondering if the fan can be replaced with a better part, maybe the part itself is the problem. I would relocate the unit, but it would eat up 4 additional cat5 runs to our basement, which isn't an option.