Windows 10 and FCA1616 WDM Driver Problems

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    Windows 10 and FCA1616 WDM Driver Problems

    I have been using my FCA1616 without any problems until now. I did a clean install of Windows 10 in my computer, and windows doesn't correctly initialize the WDM driver.

    All of the FCA1616 channels appear in the "Playback Devices" list, and I can set them as the default device, but there is no sound coming from the interface. If you try to "Test" the device from the "Playback Devices" manager, windows reports a "Failed to play test tone" error.

    The device is listed, but cannot be initialized neither used. It happens with all the WDM input and output channels.

    The ASIO driver works just fine, I am using FL Studio 12 without any problems. The interface works perfectly in Ubuntu Linux and Windows 8.

    I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, and it seems to work fine with the default 16bit 44.1kHz setting. I can change it in the windows sound properties panel, and the only other setting it accepts is 24bit 44.1kHz. If I change it to any other setting (48, 88.2, 96kHz, 16/24bit), it stops working forever, no matter if I restart the PC between tries. Also, if I change the interface to any setting other then 44.11kHz in the control panel, the WDM driver also crashes.

    Has anyone tested this interface in Windows 10??
    Any tips will be welcome.

    My computer specs:
    +AMD FX-8350 @ 4.5Ghz (8Threads)
    +16GB DDR3 1866Mhz
    +Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    +Behringer FCA1616 6.13.0 USB Driver (latest according to the product page)
    +8427_RC Firmware (latest according to the product page)

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    Further Troubleshooting

    I have reinstalled the driver and control software once again, and now the problem just appears if I use sample rates any higher than 44.1kHz, the default setting once the driver is installed). I can perfectly change the bit depth from the Windows Sound Properties (16bit 44.1kHz, 24bit 44.1kHz are the only option).

    If I change the settings from the Behringer FCA1616 Control Panel, however, the error appears, and you are unable to stream audio.

    The bug appears to be present just in the control panel, or the other driver modes (different sample rates).
    Windows Sound does not appear to the problem. I can use other interfaces (such as the Realtek one included in my mobo) at 96kHz 24bit without any problems.

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    Same exact issue here with an FCA 610

    Latest drivers and firmware being used.
    44.1khz seems to work fine. Any other bit rate selected and suddenly Windows can't do anything with the device.

    Hopefully we can get a workaround/fix soon.
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    - Darryl Schaldach wrote View Post
    Same exact issue here with an FCA 610

    Latest drivers and firmware being used.
    44.1khz seems to work fine. Any other bit rate selected and suddenly Windows can't do anything with the device.

    Hopefully we can get a workaround/fix soon.
    Same here.
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    Same problem for me with a FCA610 and FCA1616 both Usb and Firewire modes.

    More, the cards get disconnected from time to time, more often at hight CPU load. Almost unusable at 100% cpu.

    I precise that I plug only one interface at at time.

    It was working well in windows 8.1 even at 100% cpu load I could listen to music without any problem.
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    Same problem with a different behavior.
    Just installed WIN10 on my PC, everything went well besides the FCA1616 driver seems not to operate properly.
    Leds on the front panel blink, USB connexion is OK, but the FCA1616 appears in the list of audio interfaces only for a couple of seconds and disappears and reappears endlessly...
    My PC was completely re-installed with the latest drivers but this same issue remains and the FCA1616 isn't recognized.
    When will this be fixed?
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    I have been doing a lot of web watching on this and it seems like a windows problem rather than a Behringer or other makes problem! a lot of people are suffering from this problem .Cant find a work around yet though.
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    - Glyn Darby wrote View Post
    Same here.
    Same here, and also only 44. kHz and 24bit works under my Win10.
    44.1 kHz and 16 bit also doesn't work.

    All problems occur both the same on USB and FireWire (TI-chip).

    It seems the drivers aren't ready for Windows 10 or have a problem in them, now surfacing with the introduction of Win10...

    We are covered, so...


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    It is kinda fixed!

    - Daniel Schellongowski wrote View Post
    Hi there,

    Are there any solutions already for the FCA610 - Windows 10 WDM driver - Samplerate switching - Problem?
    Hey everyone, I am delighted to say that Care Music Group has sent me a beta driver that fixes this issue! Maybe it's available for download? If not, contact them!

    However, this fix made me unable to use my XLR mic in windows and windows applications. I'm talking with them right now and we're working on it.

    My mic still works in my DAW though, so unless you use your mic in windows like myself, go get that driver!
  10. #10 by Sandy Wise on 12-16-2015
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    FCA1616 driver and firmware issues in Windows 10

    There are 2 laptops and one desktop in our home running Windows 10 updated version.

    It seems Behringer needs to update the drivers and firmware. I found a solution to the switching the settings between the kHz error message situation. I found once you enter the Windows sound device app you must select the basic (any Realtek as a default device) then open the Behringer Control panel and make your selection then apply then go back to the Windows sound device app and make the FCA1616 the default device.

    In Windows 10 my midi drivers aren't detected in my Cubase Pro 8.5 DAW, however when I test my keyboard controller the FCA1616 midi indicator flashes so I know I'm getting a midi signal. I'm checking the Behringer website daily for updates. It's time overdue.