BEHRINGER no longer with Guitar Center

  1. #11 by Daniel Vena on 10-07-2014
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    Posts: 9 Baby! They offer amazing customer service, and tack on an extended warranty to most products for free. Hopefully Sam Ash doesn't follow suit. Guitar center has become just a place I go window shopping, and maybe I go make trouble in the pro sound room! I'm a big Behringer fan after finally being impressed by more than one product, keep it up! Oh and how about a dual 18" subwoofer cab that competes with JBL and Cerwin Vega? Other than that, the only thing I could suggest is a refinement on the ground hum the iNuke NU6000 makes, I am about to try an eliminator piece, if that works, I would suggest somehow retrofitting that device inside the amps to save on the cost of buying another piece of gear and cables. But seriously, I'm very excited for Behringer, stepping into this market like champs. The build quality and look of products continues to increase, after all, aesthetics are a big factor in decision making for music people alike.
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    Looks like Guitar Center is once again carrying Behringer gear. Glad GC came to their senses.
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    I only go to guitar center to get some hands on some things but mainly shop at American Musical Supply online! I honestly didn't know they carried Behringer gear anyway as I don't believe that the one's here in the St. Louis metro area even stock any of the Behringer line.
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    Behringer and Guitar Center

    Just to chime in on this conversation, I bought my XR18 at GC. Had been in there on a Saturday, bought A Soundcraft Ui12, didn't like it so, took it back and got the XR18. It took the guy several minutes to find it. When he did I went over and helped him get it off the top shelf. I thought, this thing is heavy oh well, lets get it. I get home to unpack it, I had 2 of them, he had given me a "case" of XR18's. Needless to say I took the other one back the next weekend, they didn't even know it was gone! It is a lot easier to order from Sweetwater, I get my stuff with in 3 days. It took Guitar Center 10 days to get my F1 812's.