how to fine tune in the apps?

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    how to fine tune in the apps?

    Hi there,

    New guy to the X Air edit app. I'm wondering: how do you make fine tune adjustments within the app? I'm finding that I can't get the exact amount I want by sliding with my finger. In particular, I want to make a fine adjustment to a value on the stereo delay effect.

    I noticed that in the android app, there is a "Fine" button that lets you more or less do that. But, from all I can tell, that app doesn't let you view the details of the effects racks, particularly the ones I'm needing the fine adjustment for.

    It'd be great if there was a way I could TYPE in the value I wanted into any given dial in the app.

    Additionally, I would prefer it to be within the Ipad app, or at least the desktop Mac app. (Somewhat confounding that all the apps are organized differently)

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    Hi Giacomo,

    As I mentioned in your other thread, get Mixing Station instead. The adjustments of the FX settings are much better.

    Also Mixing Station is now available for the iPad (just released). The developer is planning on developing versions of it for the PC, Mac, linux and maybe the Raspberry Pi in the future.

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