UMC204HD Rerouting

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    UMC204HD Rerouting


    Recently got myself a UMC204HD and have been able to record without a hitch. Got a couple of questions that I can't find answers for though:

    1. Can I reroute the DAW playback to the headphone jack on the interface? Or can I only use the main out?
    2. If yes, does anyone have any clue if this is possible in Reaper? (And if possible, how?)

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't have the answer for you, but I'm in the same shape as you trying to figure out the UMC204.

    In my Reaper DAW software, I can't get it to record 2 tracks simultaneously when I have cords plugged into both Input 1 and Input 2. I can hear on my headphones as I'm recording it live the items going in both inputs. However, when I play it back, I learn that the DAW software through the USB is only recognizing (and playing back) the sound that comes through Input 1.....And this happens regardless of whether the mono/stereo is pressed or depressed, either way.....So basically, it's like Input #2 is worthless.

    Searching the forums and help section of my DAW, I'm not able to find an answer to this.