Need some guidance on saving etc..

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    Need some guidance on saving etc..

    So, I have x32 rack connected to x32 edit on laptop connected to router and wireless tablet. I have a scene saved to x32 rack that I open..I open x32 edit and connect to rack, How are these interacting? I also have to open tablet and open pro app and select saved layout.
    1. if I just open scene on edit and connect pc to rack will that open both?
    2. Is my scene on rack transferring anything to tablet?
    3. what is correct sequence to turn all this on? router, rack, laptop, tablet? kinda confused what is doing what to what. lol
    4. Opened saved scene this weekend and bass preamp was at +48 db? almost blew the walls out..I have never had pre past +15 for this bass. ???
    Thanks for any help out there..It all works I just like to know how and why.

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    Hi Harry,

    In the X32-Edit app, when not connected to the console, there are screens for Cues, Scenes and Snippets. When you connect to the console, an additional set of cues, scenes and snippets will appear to the right. The left set is what is on the computer and the right set is what is stored in the X32 itself.

    Here is how I always setup
    * Leave all amps and powered speakers off
    * Connect all power, inputs, outputs, AES50, networking, etc.
    * Start X32-Edit on laptop
    * Turn on X32 console(s)
    * Connect X32-Edit to console (sync mixer to console)
    * Load the (first) scene for the event.
    * Check settings and levels (visually)
    * Connect tablet(s), setting appropriate access, layers, etc.
    * Turn on amps and powered speakers

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    Be sure not to confuse Save and Safes.