Ip2000 (v2) set up issue

  1. #1 by Andy Bayley on 11-15-2018
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    Ip2000 (v2) set up issue

    Hi all - Iím looking for some advice. Iíve just received my ip2000 v2 - I waited for the v2 to be released specifically because of the new reverb function as I wanted to be able to use it without the need of going though a mixer. Iím a singer and often go out as a solo singer using an iPad for backing tracks, so I just wanted to be able to plug in my mic and iPad straight into each of the two inputs of the ip2000.

    My problem is when I plug in the iPad, the sound is wrong, Iím assuming this is because itís going from a stereo signal (ipad) to the mono input on the ip2000? The Bluetooth function is fine and sounds good but itís considerably quieter than when the iPad is connected via a cable. Is there a specific cable/lead I need to get that turns a stereo signal to a mono? Or do I have to bite the bullet and just use my mixer (which I wanted to avoid - one more thing to carry!) If I do have to use the mixer, then there was no purpose for me to wait for the v2 release with the added reverb!

    Any advice greatfully received.