M32 and DL251 intermittent audio loss

  1. #11 by Gary Higgins on 12-14-2018
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    Lack of ethercons could be it. When there is ESD present, the short is to the mixer chassis, which can cause complete aes50 signal drop out and/or loud pops if it gets into the data lines. The ethercon shell itself (using shielded cable with proper ground to the rj45 case) makes a direct connection to the mixer chassis and provides a pathway to ground via the cable drain/ground wire at both cable ends, keeping ESD away from the aes50 data lines. Even if it's not your current issue it will prevent that one from ever happening and should be done. Often said, a regular cat5 cable will work perfectly fine right up until the time it doesn't. You should maybe do the firmware update too if you have not, often things are included in those (bug fixes)not noted anywhere, and could do the trick.
  2. #12 by Jungsuk Goo on 12-14-2018
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    We double checked the plugging the Cat5e cables. DL32 side gave noise when we touched it so we suspect that was where the connection was loose.
    Since then we haven't got any audio loss for 4 hours. I presume we resolved the issue! Thanks a lot for helpful suggestions!!!