Difference with recorder icon

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    Difference with recorder icon

    Minor but peculiar issue between X32 and M32 Edit noted with regard to the recorder icon AND the default recorder using an X-Live. With X32-Edit, at least with my setup, the recorder icon is a visual of a cassette recorder. When you select it, it goes right to the 2 track usb recorder, you then have to select the SD recorder to get to use it-makes for 2 steps, essentially the 2 track usb recorder is the default. With M32-Edit the icon is that of a Reel to Reel deck and the SD recorder becomes the default, to use the usb recorder you have to then select it. AFAICT there is no Reel to Reel icon for X32-Edit at all. There is no Cassette icon for M32-Edit at all. Just strange not only icon wise but the fact that the usb recorder is the default in one but not the other. See attachments below.

    BTW I am using X32-Edit and M32-Edit 3.2 and firmware 3.08. It is not Core related either (what I initially thought) It does the same using my Rack also with the latest firmware and same 3.2 versions of the Edit programs. Both have an X-Live card in. I prefer M32-Edit in general but use both when using dual monitors.

    EDIT: Maybe should move this to bug reports (or possible bug report)...I probably should have posted there.
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    So if they added an Edison wax cylinder or the RCA gramophone and dog icon, would that fix it?

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    For the price difference between an M32 and an X32, you'd expect a high quality reel-to-reel recorder, not a cassette recorder, that seems logical to me
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    OK in case anyone ever checks this thread, I have since discovered (of course looking to do some other chore) you CAN change the default action of the recorder and its icon on the setup/GUI page of both X32 and M32 edit. Takes care of my (little) issue.

    Ok Ok Ok I deserve that BUT honestly it's not so much what the icon IS (I'll take the RCA dog one please!) but that the default action is to send you to the type recorder which more or less seems to match up with the icon-yet no option to change the recorder that shows up first. For the X32 version you are brought directly to the on board 2 track that's been around forever. On the M32 version you are sent directly to the SD card version. If you happen to do recording to both a DAW and the SD card at the same time with X32-Edit, that extra step of having to then select the SD recorder to hit record start or stop is a bit of a pain. A very little pain I freely admit. I don't expect an emergency meeting of the app team to address it anytime soon

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    Where is the like button for those two great responses on this topic question