FIrmware update for IP1000

  1. #1 by Morten Mikkelsen on 10-21-2018
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    FIrmware update for IP1000

    According to Turbosound's website, there's a version 2.1 firmware update available for my newly purchased IP1000. My question is, how do I apply it? There's no USB port or other connection that I can find and it doesn't look like I can use the Turbosound app either.

    Thanks in advance
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    Same Question

    I was wondering the same thing I read a post that said to connect via usb cable while power is off, hold down setup button while powering on (should say something like "waiting for update file), then run the file from a pc/laptop.
    But there is NO USB connector so I have no idea.The product is good but the documentation and support is really lacking and not much action on the forum either for information.
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    Hi Leo,

    Welcome to the forum. I think there may be a misunderstanding. I was just on TurboSound's website and there are 2 different models of the iP1000 (iP1000 and iP1000 v2). But looking in their downloads section, there are no firmware updates listed.

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