How do I get a real person from Midas to talk to me about parts?

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    How do I get a real person from Midas to talk to me about parts?

    Hi, my name is Rick Jones.

    I own a Midas Venice F32. The firewire card does not work and I was told by Midas Technician
    David Knighton that I needed to replace the firewire PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This was 3 weeks ago yesterday.

    On Thu Jul 12, 2018, 05:57:00 GMT (-)0500 I emailed Midas support here:

    I explained that I had purchased a used Venice F32 that was physically in near mint condition. I had tested every aspect of the analog portion of the board and confirmed that it worked perfectly. However, I did discover that the firewire portion of the board did not work. I also explained that I was very confident that I could swap out the Firewire PCB if needed.

    I received this response from Midas the same day at 3:13PM Central time in the US Huntsville, Alabama

    Dear Richard,
    This is relating to case number: 00811058
    It is possible for the Venice Firewire chipset to burn up if a user improperly connects to a device. Likely, the firewire card was already unusable by the time you purchased it. We do not have the technology to repair these large chipsets, so the only true fix would be to purchase a replacement firewire PCB. These can be installed in field by experienced technicians such as yourself. The cost on the part is $284.73 plus shipping. Please let me know if you would like to order this part. We will need a valid shipping address upon reply.
    Kind Regards
    David Knighton
    Your Technician, Care
    Music Tribe
    Tel: (702) 800-8290

    Two days later, on July 14th, I received this email from Midas, but having shows that weekend, I did not see the email until Monday July 16th.

    Here is that message:

    [MIDAS] Technical Support (Case# 00811058) [ref:_00D2818RET._5000I1CB8np:ref]
    Dear Richard,
    We do not appear to have heard from you in the last few days since sending you a response to your inquiry. Do you have further questions about your support case?
    We are honored to have you as our customer - thank you for your trust.
    Your Care Team

    On July 19th I received this email:
    [MIDAS] Technical Support (Case# 00811058) [ref:_00D2818RET._5000I1CB8np:ref]

    Dear Richard,
    We do not have appeared to have heard from you since we last contacted you. Hopefully, everything is OK? Perhaps you no longer need any assistance? If you still require our assistance, please let us know otherwise we will consider this matter resolved and will close your case.
    We are honored to have you as our customer - thank you for your trust.
    Your Care Team

    I responded the same day July 19th:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am still waiting on a response from Guitar Center on how they want to handle the repair of the firewire circuit board. I want to keep the console and replace the board myself, but they may want to send it out to a service center for repair. I talked to the salespeople, in person, at Guitar Center on Monday (July 16th) and their extended warranty people by phone that same day. At this point, I don't know if Guitar Center will pay for the repair or if the 3 year extended warranty that I paid for, will take care of the repair. It may be a few more days until I know.

    I used the console this past Saturday night, minus the FW of course, but I was very impressed with just how good this console sounds. One way or another, I will be replacing the firewire circuit board. I just have to figure out if Guitar Center or the extended warranty will pay for it.

    Best regards, member
    Richard W Jones
    (user name: Rick Jones)

    It took another 10 days until July 29 to get an acceptable solution from Guitar Center. They agreed to remove $300.00 of the cost of the console and I agreed that I would take responsibility to replace the firewire PCB. I contacted Midas online tech support ( and asked them how can I place an order for a Firewire PCB for a Venice F32. I also asked them what method of payment would they except and what would shipping charges be to my address. I gave them my Case# 00811058, name, phone number and address and still have not received a reply. On Tuesday, July 31st, I tried to call David Knighton at (702) 800-8290 but only got voicemail. I left my information but still have not received a reply from either Music Tribe or anybody at that number.

    On Wednesday, Aug 1st I sent another email to tech support ( asking how to purchase a Firewire PCB. I supplied tech support with all of the relevant information needed for shipping. I then received the following automated reply and a new case#.

    [MIDAS] Spare Parts Inquiry (Case# 00820601) [ref:_00D2818RET._5000I1Dm79M:ref]
    Dear Richard,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Your inquiry (Firewire PCB) is now assigned to Case Number 00820601. We would love to help you and will respond to you within one business day.
    We are honored to have you as our customer -- thank you for your trust.
    Your Care Team

    That was 2 business days ago and still nothing.

    What will it take to get somebody from Midas to sell and ship me the part I need?

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    Hi Rick,

    I've gone ahead and reached out to David Knighton and the Midas CARE team on your behalf and ask that they contact you directly. They will be able to assist and ultimately offer support.

    If there's anything else I can do to assist you with this moving forward then please don't hesitate to send me a PM here in the forum. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael Lapke
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