VL3 harmonies go nuts after X minutes, usually 2

  1. #1 by Andreas Zetterberg on 07-28-2018
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    VL3 harmonies go nuts after X minutes, usually 2

    Hi, and thanks for letting me in to the forum.

    This is weird: I control 2 harmonies (high low) thru midi, I play in natural play. I only have 1 preset I use. At the start of a 3 minute song everything is fine. After a couple of minutes I hear the harmonies sound way off, and I can not use harmonies at all. Sometimes I check after the song, and if I hit a C major and sing a C I often get a C E G# or a C Eb G, but it can be some other random notes too. Both when harmonies are working and non working the display reads MIDI and the NP yellow light os always on...

    Selecting another program and re-selecting my program solves the problem, at least for 2 minutes... Any ideas? Im going crazy!
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 08-14-2018
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    Hey Andreas,
    Can you please share some more information? What program are you using to send MIDI? What hardware? Are you sending MIDI notes to the 5-pin MIDI port or the USB input on your VoiceLive 3? If it's a MIDI notes track from a DAW you're sending would it be possible for you to upload the track so I could give it a shot over here? Cheers for now.

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  3. #3 by Andreas Zetterberg on 08-15-2018
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    Hey Spencer!

    I play live on a Roland Keytar Ax-synth. Midi is sent wirelessly using MidiBeam to the 5 pin midi port. I never had the problem on my old Voicelive 2. As far as I know, i dont send anything but notes off and on, sustain, pitch bend and mod.

    I like my VL3 but this feature is so bizzare!