When Will there be a voicelive 4 ? Namm2019

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    When Will there be a voicelive 4 ? Namm2019

    Is there any news or release date for a voicelive 4
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    Voice Live 4 X

    Spencer & Co :

    The next incarnation for the VL3(X)4X should take a lesson here :

    Although it's MFX is limited , it does make a lot of sense , especially the double XLR/TRS input .

    The ability to chain the EHX9500 to another unit also a HUGE appealing aspect .

    Just those two plus the VL3(4) being able to be the [ Master } midi isn't a lot to ask for .

    One last feature to consider is the [ Reverse ] function the EHX9500 has ( as well as other units ) would put this next unit in the
    realm , - this unit has already enjoyed due to it's present power as it sits .

    EZ :