Advice on setting a band up in a corner....

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    Advice on setting a band up in a corner....

    I could use some advice....Far too many clubs and bars in our area have the bands or stage set up in a corner of the room. Sometimes the room is "L" Shaped and the band is in the "heel "or corner of the "L". The Bar and serving stations usually face the front line of the stage so the audience is split to the Left and the Right of the stage.

    Either order to get FOH speaker coverage to the basically have to point the Speakers down their respective walls to the Left and the Right.

    I prefer to place my subs in the center of the stage in order to get even coverage and prevent a Power ally.....but now the subs are"behind" the FOH speakers because of the front of the stage being on an angle in the corner.

    Time aligning the back line to the PA....forget do you set that up? what are you aligning things to?

    Any advice or perspective would be appreciated...
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    I usually setup subs on aux and they are usually haystacked so I dont perceive any real issues with this setup in the crossover region.

    I also try to avoid splitting the subs and put them near the wall if I can.

    I also setup my tops in an x-configuration rather than a v-configuration so that I dont create a sound void in the middle.

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