X32 Compact Fan/Power Supply Noise?

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    X32 Compact Fan/Power Supply Noise?

    Hi All,

    I just purchased a X32 Compact a month ago for my home studio and Iím having a blast with it. I just started to notice noise coming from the rear of the unit near the inputs. I read into it a bit and thought it was the fan that some have complained about. However, upon inspecting the bottom of the console, I realized the fan is actually towards the front. This fan is actually near silent and not the source of the noise.

    Is there another fan at the rear? I cannot pinpoint the exact location but it seems to be at the rear left near the monitor section. I also cannot distinguish the type of noise. It sounds like a buzz more than the whirring of a fan but when I turn the console off, the noise ramps down so it is definitely a moving part. Whatís strange is that the noise starts almost immediately after I turn on the console, even if I havenít used it for a day and I donít recall the console making this noise when it was brand new. I know weíre in the middle of summer but I live in San Francisco where our summers are 70 degrees tops so I donít think itís related to the room temp.

    Before I start considering sending it in for repair, any ideas what this might be?