Perform VK Help

  1. #1 by Alan Baugh on 07-11-2018
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    Perform VK Help

    1. Do I have to set the gain every time I turn the unit on?

    2. Harmony M had a feature that I like...and I don't see it on Perform VK.

    When using the mode where the VK is reading the midi from the keyboard to create the harmony....when I use the volume pedal to silence the keyboard...the Harmony M would continue to read the midi data and still produce harmony even though the keyboard is silent.
    The Perform VK...when I lower the volume of the keyboard using the volume pedal...the VK stops reading data and stops producing harmony.....but....If I lower the volume of the keyboard using the slider on the keyboard...VK still reads the data and produces harmony .

    But I want the feature using the volume pedal.........

    Thank you
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    You do not have to set the mic gain after power cycling.

    It remembers the last gain that was set.

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