White Blue Screen got me - Thought I'd avoided it

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    White Blue Screen got me - Thought I'd avoided it

    My Voicelive 3 screen failed during rehearsal this week. It still works audio wise but I just get a white screen with a blue rectangle but without he display I can't use it. I bought it in 2014 so now out of warranty. I am trying to get it repaired in the UK which may take some time as TC Helicon won't repair as its out of warrantee so I got passed on to other repair companies ...??!!!
    . That isn't good.. It couldn't have come at a worse time as have gig the Friday. Not impressed.with reliability or the way I was dumped when it was out of warranty. it's the first piece of kit I have had issues with other than wear and tear on cables..but they aren't expensive to repair. Very lack lustre. I had seen the white screen thread but thought I had got away with it.
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    Hi Rob,

    AFAIK Real Electronics is the UK Repair Center for In and Out of Warranty Repairs.

    Have you contacted them on their contact page?


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    White Blue Screen got me - Thought I'd avoided it

    Hi there

    Yes thanks for that. I am in dialog with them, so hopefully it will be repaired soon. They are working on getting me a quotation for the part an labour.
    Fingers crossed I still keep both arms and legs !

    Kind regards Rob
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    Update..got my unit back at last yesterday

    Got my Voice Live 3 back yesterday ...all now repaired and working. Hurray

    -It took longer than it should as there were issues with obtaining spare parts due to high demand !? !

    UI unit replaced which I assume is the user Interface .
    Cost me 170 including my postage cost VAT and postage back. Ouch !

    Real Electronics in UK did a great job for me.

    Thankfully all my patches are in place .

    Lets hope it works now without any more issues going fwd.

    Its the first piece of kit that I have owned that has ever failed on me. Shame as I'ts a great piece of kit and well thought ought.

    Fingers crossed. One failure I can put down to luck .
    But if it does the same again then it's likely a design issue.

    Rob a seasoned engineer.
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    My screen went after less than 20 hours of use

    Brought a VL3 in May of 2018. I'm still programming it and have not used it live yet. The screen went blue recently. I'm still under warranty but cost me $41 to ship it back for service. Just added 10% to a good purchase price I paid. I was hoping for TCH to cover the return cost since it is so new, but no.
    Word to all - make sure to back up your settings to the app before any service. No one told me this and nothing i saw documented about backup - glad i asked or I would have lost all my work. Oh, and the backup does not backup the loops. You lose those per the music tribe agent.
    This thread now concerns me about the product holding up to constant use.