creating monitor output with selected channels

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    creating monitor output with selected channels


    I have been setting up a small home video/audio studio for doing some work projects. It's far from pro-level, and I am not a pro myself, so this may be easier than I think (hopefully)

    To keep things fun for the kids in my home studio I have been trying to set up a DIY Karaoke setup using YouTube for on demand audio and lyrics.

    The goal is to have the youtube audio play from the PC with my UMC404HD and have the unaltered audio stream from YouTube be split so that i can mix it with vocals on Line 1 + 2 from microphones in the studio for main output into my video while at the same time having a pre-mix original channel of audio from YouTube available on another channel for either monitors or headphones in the studio.

    I am using Vmix for the realtime video and audio mixing.

    Any ideas on if and how this can be done?