Voiceplay Live and 48v Condenser Microphone

  1. #1 by Michael J Murphy on 07-10-2018
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    Voiceplay Live and 48v Condenser Microphone

    Hi everyone,

    I want to use a Condenser Mic through my VoicePlay Live. But when i plug it in I have no
    sound response.
    How do I get this to work????

    I am running this like so

    Condenser Mic ----->>> VoicePlay Live (Output Left Channel) ----->>>> Beringher UMC202
    USB Sound Module(Left Channel) ------>>>> PC

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. #2 by Ryan Cowan on 07-13-2018
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    Hi Michael,
    Have you selected Condenser Mic in the setup? I use a PlayAcoustic, and it's the first parameter on page 1 of setup. Default is Dynamic; rotating the dial to Condenser turns on the 48v phantom power.