Audible delay for activating delay effect on step change; reverb/delay tail cut off

  1. #1 by Eno Thiemann on 07-10-2018
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    Audible delay for activating delay effect on step change; reverb/delay tail cut off

    Hi there,

    I have a rather odd problem.
    I am using the VoiceLive 2 in a sitting position (piano) and thus wanted to use steps in order to enable/disable the delay in a song (Step 1: No delay, step 2: delay) as needed. This is drastically easier than aiming for the delay button, as my foot is in a more horizontal position than while standing.
    The problem is that on changing to step 2, the delay GETS activated, but has an audible gap before it sets in. I stomp to step 2 approx. a half (or even a full) second before I need the delay, and the first signal the delay picks up and repeats comes about a second later, so the first vocals are cut off, thus I would have to change steps way before I actually need it. This happens even when I have delay enabled on both steps and just reduce the volume of the delay to -59dB or alike for the first step. Is there a way around it?

    Also, is there a trick to allow for tails of reverb and delay effects not to be cut off when disabling the effect via step or preset changes? How can I disable a delay effect without stomping the delay button and without a cut-off effect?


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    Hey Eno,
    Unfortunately what you're observing is just the nature of Steps. Steps in VoiceLive 2 (and 3) are essentially just additional presets, only you navigate to them in a different way than usual presets (think vertically rather than horizontally). Whenever a Step is loaded every effect parameter is reloaded, which is why you're hearing the delay tails get cut off, same as you would when you change presets. This is also where the gap/hesitation comes in, our effect's parameters change like sliders on a mixing board - they're gradual so you don't get huge pops when changing presets, so that's why it takes a second for the delay to become active again. What this means is that the only way to toggle delay on and off without cutting off tails and getting a slight hesitation, is to use the dedicated "Delay" footswitch on the VL2. Another option is to use our MP-75 dynamic microphone with Mic Control, and map the mic's button to toggle Delay, but that may be even less viable if you're playing piano at the time. If you have to, you can buy "footswitch enlargers" that you could attach to the Delay footswitch to make it easier for you to press.

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