Feature requests:

  1. #1 by Stephen Scott on 07-10-2018
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    Feature requests:

    How do I submit a post to feature requests?

    Post button does not appear.
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    Hi Stephen,

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into why that section as well as the Issues Reporting section does not allow posts.

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    For additional help please refer to the X32 wiki pages for updated and current documentation about the X32.

    For official technical and warranty support for your product you should contact the support team through their CARE department. You can contact CARE by phone at (+1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (+44) 1562 732290 in Europe.

    You can also contact CARE via email at CARECREA@music-group.com. They strive to respond to emails within 24-48 hours during normal business hours, but please be patient if it takes longer due to the volume of emails they receive.

    Paul Vannatto
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    How do I submit a post to feature requests?

    Post button does not appear.
    Hi Stephen,

    My apologies for the confusion. I created the NEUTRON section of the MUSIC Tribe forum back in February/March before NEUTRON was officially released. I didn't want the other two sections of this forum to get cluttered before the product even started shipping so they were closed to posting

    But now that our friends are starting to receive them, I've opened up these parts of the forum for the community so feel please free to post there.

    Michael Lapke
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