Connectivity - MIDI

  1. #1 by John Sheehan on 07-09-2018
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    Connectivity - MIDI

    Hi all,

    I use Bandhelper with a Samsung Tab with a Midi connection cord. Can I change patches on the Perform VK via MIDI instructions from the Tablet?

    I also use an SY-300 synth pedal, and using a midi splitter, I'm hoping I can select a song on my Bandhelper App on the tab and send MIDI instructions to change presets on the Perform-VK and SY-300 simultaneously?

    I currently have no problem executing this MIDI change with my TAB and VLX3.

    Would love to get some feedback people??

    Thanks, John
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    From the manual:

    MIDI PC Messages
    The product's 3 presets correspond to Program Change Bank 0: 125, 126, 127

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