Controlling VL3 from Line 6 Helix via midi

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    Controlling VL3 from Line 6 Helix via midi

    I just got the Helix and it has great midi control capabilities. I have been able to control the VL3 from the Helix in the way of program changes and turning the various effects on and off. What I haven't been able to do is get any of them to work in momentary. I'm not sure if this is a shortfall on the part of the helix or if there is something I need to do on the VL3 to make it just accept Note On commands as opposed to reading all the CC messages as a latch. Any midi gurus out there who can help out?

    Ultimately I would like to have the VL3 somewhat off or at the back of the stage so I have just one device at my feet, less reaching and simpler.
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    Hey Lites,
    I don't have a lot of faith that momentary behavior will be possible in this way. I know that in VoiceLive 3, all the MIDI CC's are latched - there's no momentary MIDI capability in there. The Helix may be able to mimic this (send a 64-127 value when pressed and a 1-63 value when depressed) but I'm not familiar enough with the Helix to say if it can. For reference, here's the list of VL3 CC's, all of which behave as latched/toggled effects...

    Value 1-63 = off, 64-127 = on
    1 Harmony Vibrato Boost
    16 Guitar – Rhythmic
    17 Guitar – Delay
    19 Guitar – Compressor
    21 Guitar – μMod
    23 Guitar – Octaver
    25 Guitar – Amp
    27 Guitar – Wah
    29 Guitar – Boost
    30 Vocal Harmony – Key (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B) – values 0-11 respectively
    31 Vocal Harmony – Scale (MAJ1, MAJ2, MAJ3, MIN1, MIN2, MIN3, CUST) – values 0-7 respectively
    46 Guitar – Reverb
    47 Guitar – HIT
    50 Vocal – Vocoder/Synth
    51 Vocal – Rhythmic
    56 Vocal – HIT
    104 Vocal – Choir
    110 Vocal – Harmony
    111 Vocal – Double
    112 Vocal – Reverb
    113 Vocal – HardTune
    115 Step – value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2= Step 2 etc.
    116 Vocal – μMod
    117 Vocal – Delay
    118 Vocal – Transducer
    119 Harmony Hold

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