VL3 Auxiliary Level Does Not Function with Expression Pedal

  1. #1 by Joe Petruziello on 07-09-2018
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    VL3 Auxiliary Level Does Not Function with Expression Pedal

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm able to successfully use my expression pedal with my VL3, but can't get it to control the auxiliary level. It controls guitar volume and other things, but no luck with the auxiliary level even though it is an available option. I have my keyboard connected to the auxiliary level and need to use the volume pedal to control various sounds. Am I overlooking something in my setup? Have a gig coming up and would love to be able to use the VL3 expression pedal rather than having to buy a dedicated stereo volume pedal for my keyboard rig.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help,

  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 08-01-2018
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    Hey Joe,
    Are you on the latest firmware (build 366)? I'm able to get my expression pedal controlling the auxiliary output level just fine over here One thing to keep in mind is that this doesn't affect the headphone mix as that is entirely separate from the main mix, setting your expression pedal to control the auxiliary level only affect the main XLR outputs.

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