Harmony Singer 1 not harmonising.

  1. #1 by Dave Monks on 07-09-2018
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    Harmony Singer 1 not harmonising.

    Hi Iím having a problem with my harmony singer 1. Iíve used it once a fortnight for about 18 months now and itís worked perfectly. In the last week or so Iíve begun to notice that the harmony itís often not pitching correctly. Iíve updated the firmware, checked the input gain from the microphone and from the guitar and all is as it should be. However, when singing, the harmonies are either off or begin to waiver as Iím singing i.e a single note across a single cord. This happens on all of the harmony settings.

    Power supply is the stock one(Iíve tried another supply too) and the pedal is switching on fine - all cables have been swapped too. The pedal is first in the pedal chain (but the problem is there even when itís the only pedal) - does anyone recognise this issue / would the Harmony Singer 2 be better?

    Many thanks!
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    Hey Dave,
    Both Harmony Singer 1 and 2 run the same algorithm, so upgrading to the 2 likely wouldn't solve your issue. The only times I've had issues with harmony tracking is when my mic's input gain is too low, or when my guitar's active pickup's battery is dying. Our harmony effect has a built-in gate and will only harmonize with microphone input over a certain level, so that it doesn't try to harmonize with background noise when you aren't singing. Is your guitar using active or passive pickups - maybe if it's the latter your battery is getting low and reducing the output? Those are the easy checks, increase your input gain and check your guitar's battery (if applicable), other than that if you still can't get reliable harmonies I'd ask you to please get in contact with our support team. Cheers!

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