PlayElectric Acoustic Amp settings?

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    PlayElectric Acoustic Amp settings?

    I bought a TC PlayAcoustic a few days ago. Its a great vocal processor and delivers great harmony. I bought this processor to also double up as a acoustic guitar processor but am facing a few problems regarding the guitar sound.

    I had mentiond in a previous post about setting individual guitar volumes for each preset and no specific volume control available for this. It was recommended to me to use a a volume control etc and I considered this.

    BodyRez really makes a bad acoustic guitar sound good. But in my case I have descent electroacoustic guitar with 3 band eq with mid sweep in onboard electronics. Hence without any guitar processor I can get a really good acoustic guitar tone plugged directly to a mixer.

    I am very particular about how my acoustic guitar sounds and so when I used "BodyRez" I was not so happy with final sound and found that the "BodyRez" amp was changing the sound of my guitar even when all the BodyRez parameters were TURNED OFF or made ZERO.

    I was thinking of buying the PlayElectric in exchange for the PlayAcoustic. I would like to know how good is the ACOUSTIC AND ACOUSTIC SHAPE AMP TYPES in the PlayElectric really are.
    What are the parameters offered eg. low/mid/high settings?.
    Is it a better choice/does it have better control over the PlayAcoustic for editing/reshaping the tone of an acoustic guitar?
    Does the PlayElectric have an individual guitar volume control per preset?

    The last day to exchange the PlayAcoustic for the PlayElectric is tomorrow. So anybody please give me whatever info you have regarding this at your earliest.

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    Hey Rodden,
    Sorry to hear you don't like the sound of the PlayAcoustic...
    You asked "I would like to know how good is the ACOUSTIC AND ACOUSTIC SHAPE AMP TYPES in the PlayElectric really are." I'm happy to tell you "Yeah PlayElectric sounds great with an acoustic guitar" but that is entirely subjective. You sound like a person who already knows what they want their instrument to sound like, I don't think any amount of text will describe to you how the PlayElectric's "Acoustic" amp model sounds - you just need to hear it for yourself. I'd try phoning around to a couple local retailers, see if you can find a store with a PlayElectric you can try for yourself.
    To save you some homework though I'm happy to share technical details with you. The guitar effects section in PlayElectric is comprised of 5 effects blocks: Amp, Compressor, uMod, Delay, and Reverb. In the Amp section there are various amplifier and pedal models, and this where you can control the "Level" of your guitar on a per-preset basis. There are a couple acoustic models, of which you can control their output Level, the amount of Drive applied, and a 3-band equalizer. The mid-band has a variable frequency which you can adjust, unfortunately the treble and bass bands are locked at preset frequencies which I do not know. I've attached a couple pics of these menus to give you a better idea of what you have to work with. Hopefully this is helpful, but I really recommend trying one for yourself to be sure.
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    Hi Rodden,
    There is a post on here somewhere describing how to completely bypass the Acoustic processing in the Play Acoustic and only use the effects (reverb, delay, chorus). Do a search and see if you can find it. I think it was my post. I just cant remember how. Since that time, I changed my guitar and pick up, so I need the Bodyrez again.
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    Found this entry from Tom Lang. He is a co-worker of Spencer at TC. It is describing how he worked through an AB switch until he got an unprocessed signal through the Play Acoustic.

    Hey all, Spencer forwarded this concern to me and I did an AB test this morning. Here's what I did:

    Turned off all guitar FX in Play Acoustic
    Turned the Low Cut in Setup to 20Hz
    Used a Radial Twin City active AB box with a "Both" feature to record both through Play Acoustic and direct from my Taylor 314 with ES2 pickup (which I think is pretty great btw)
    Balanced levels and used 1 Dynaudio speaker to reference on.

    There is a 5ms latency going through Play Acoustic. This is the only difference. Tonally, when played back in short sections and in whole, there is no difference at all.

    What you are likely hearing is the phase difference the 5ms makes because you are hearing the guitar acoustically at your ear and the PA output from however many feet away. If you count the number of feet your speaker is away from your ear, say 6', that's equivalent to 6 ms of acoustic latency; when you add that to the 5ms from Play Acoustic that becomes a net of 11ms which can be noticeable. Me, I don't notice it and I'm happy knowing that what I'm hearing from Play Acoustic is exactly what's coming out of my guitar only a shave later.

    Hope this helps
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    Since I don't use the Play Acoustics looper function. I use a 1/4" cable splitter. AKA; DI box with parallel 1/4" out or BBE Acoustimax. The DI box's XLR out goes straight to my mixer/amp. The parallel 1/4" out goes to the Guitar input on the Play Acoustic.
    In the MIX section the GUITAR LEVEL is OFF. My guitar still controls the harmonies but it is not present at the Play Acoustic's XLR outputs.