midi master loop control - 3 button looper.

  1. #1 by mark maconnachie on 07-06-2018
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    midi master loop control - 3 button looper.


    I have a Boss ES-8 and am trying to set up a 3 button looper to control VLT2.

    I am using CC44 with the values from the manual but i can't seem to get some functions to work. Can I get some help?

    Would be great if i could have the following config:

    Button 1 - Rec/play
    Button 2 - Stop/clear
    Button 3 - Loop start/stop
  2. #2 by Spencer Larsen on 07-30-2018
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    Hey Mark,
    I'm not familiar enough with that Boss box to give you all the answers, but I can confirm that MIDI loop control works great in Touch 2 on the latest firmware (build 61). I just tested it out using Max MSP as my source and the following MIDI CC's work as intended:

    CC 44 Value 0 = Play button
    CC 44 Value 1 = Record button
    CC 44 Value 2 = Stop playback
    CC 44 Value 3 = Undo
    CC 44 Value 6 = Lengthen 2X
    CC 44 Value 10 = Clear
    CC 44 Value 26 = Erase
    CC 44 Value 27 = Reverse playback

    And a couple other things to confirm... If you go into the "Setup" menu, tab over to the "Loop" tab, and there's a parameter there called "MIDI Control" that should be set to on. With that, also check your MIDI channel on the "MIDI" tab and make sure your Touch 2 and Boss are speaking on the same channel. Hopefully that's helpful!

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    Do those midi parameters work on Voicelive 3 as well?