Different guitar volumes per preset

  1. #1 by Rodden Dsouza on 07-06-2018
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    Different guitar volumes per preset


    I recently bought the TC Helicon Play Acoustic and after going through all the settings had a question:

    I would like to have different guitar volumes for each preset as I play with plectrum, finger-style and use different guitars.

    The only option I came across was "MAKEUP GAIN" IN THE "BODYREZ COMPRESSOR 7/7" page.

    This is not an actual volume control but a compressor gain and does not give the desired result.

    Can you please tell me of a way to get this done. If there isnt an option, do you intend to release a firmware update to fix this.

    Does the TC PLAY ELECTRIC also have the same problem?

    Rodden Dsouza
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    Hi Rodden,
    Your answer to your question is the only area of the preset that I know of that allows volume changes to be saved per preset. You could try a foot pedal (like the switch 3) which would allow you to use the guitar boost for the times you are fingerpicking - which is what I do.

    When I change guitars, I also need to go into the gain setting for guitar input as well as adjust the guitar output - which is not saved per preset. The only other option is to use another device prior to you Play Acoustic which has a boost button and allow two instrument inputs with two different volume adjustments. I think maybe a https://www.sweetwater.com/store/det...oaAlO8EALw_wcB

    This is all I can offer as suggestions.
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    individual volumes per preset

    Hi Marty,

    Thanks for your reply. I considered a volume control and footswitch but this is just additional hardware I have to carry around which I don't want to do.