M32R noisy faders?

  1. #1 by Steve Schow on 07-04-2018
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    M32R noisy faders?

    My M32R arrived. So one quick question, just want to verify its not a bad unit. The faders are quite rackety when being moved by the motors. Its not bad when switching layers, they snap quickly and not a big deal. But when, say, using M32-Edit to slide the faders up or down, they are QUITE rackety in vibrationy way......I can visually see the fader knob is vibrating up and down very fast as it slides up or down and I think the noise is coming from it being vibrated like that. This is also noisy if I have two faders linked and I move one of the faders, the other one being moved by the motor is quite loud. Some are worse then others, but they all make quite a lot of klackity sound.

    This is my first time with motorized faders, so I don't know if this is totally normal or this unit is somehow a bit noisier then usual.

    Any comments?
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    What firmware are you running? Depending on how long the unit was sitting on the shelf before you bought it, it may have been shipped to you with an old firmware. There have been a few enhancements to fader calibration and movement on the M32 series over time via firmware updates. Upgrading to the latest firmware might be a good idea.

    The other thing can think of is if there's some crazy MIDI looping going on somewhere, eg if moving a fader in Edit is giving the fader the instruction to move via OSC, and that's happening, but if that's also somehow passing a command (perhaps back via the console) to a DAW, and the DAW sends some midi commands to the console to move the fader via MIDI as well, then the faders could be getting hit with OSC+MIDI commands at the same time, and that could be what's causing the juddering.

    Does it also happen in sends-on-faders mode?

    The fact that it doesn't occur with normal layer switching indicates to me that it's not a hardware issue, but there's some sort of logic issue when there's an instruction to adjust a channel's level via a fader, rather than just adjusting the fader position by itself (eg with a layer change.) Try disconnecting the console from the network\PC (so there's no ethernet\wifi\USB\Midi connection to the console at all,) and see if the problem persists.
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    It came with 3.07 and I already upgraded to 3.08

    to be clear I only have it attached via Ethernet at this point,

    also the juddering happens even when just moving a fader that is linked to another fader. The motor on the linked one judders. Good word. Or using m32 edit on any of them, they judder.Ē

    With switching layers it may or may not be happening but basically the faders jump really fast to where they need to be so either itís not noticeable because itís so fast ot maybe it just judders once at the arrival spot instead of several times per mm as itís being moved manually
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    I don't think what you describe is a defect and would not worry. Those faders are guaranteed for a gazillion cycles. The full X32 does this to an extent though I wouldn't call it loud. I also often use a Yamaha digital board where I work (LS9-32) and it does some stuttering of it's own when moved via the remote app. I think some if not all of it is a by-product of the process of sending and processing fader moves by the mixer.
  5. #5 by Steve Schow on 07-05-2018
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    Mine is loud enough in my studio to annoy me quite a lot if I use m32-edit to control it while Iím sitting near to it. Is that how loud yours is?

    i think in a live setting it would be non issue, especially without linked stereo channels and lots of ambient noise in the room. But I canít say Iím not disappointed and wondering if I shoulda gone with an x32 rack
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    Hey Steve, I can guarantee that the faders on the X32 Rack are super quiet and have a lifetime warranty

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    Heheh exactly. How is it to edit fader positions and such from the front of the rack in a pinch. Basically the only reason I went with full mixer was so I can quickly hit mute buttons or change faders in the studio but I donít mix from there really itís more like set the monitoring levels and forget but might need to tweak here or there occasionally but donít really want to have to have a tablet out for that. Live would be different.

    i like the pres on this M32R also si there is that
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    fader judder

    visual latency

    the fader movement commands (M32 Edit and friends) are multiple commands to multiple channels A,B,A,B,A,B...

    Very pronounced when moving a linked pair from a tablet device.

    X-Touch does it as well.
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    visual latency, well, audible too

    the faders don't get a single command that says "move to x" they get a lot of commands that say "move up/down"

    If you move faders - especially linked - from say an iPad, and watch the faders in M32 Edit, and watch/listen to the faders on the M32 you will see and hear the latency between the separate commands being issued to the faders to move. Lots and Lots of little movements.
  10. #10 by Steve Schow on 07-05-2018
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    Ok well anyway it moves fast enough that the noises are not distracting. Itís very distracting while manually moving them