Initial headphone setup and Recording playback

  1. #1 by Jim Pruden on 07-04-2018
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    Initial headphone setup and Recording playback

    Hi there. Newbie neophyte here. .
    Naively I expected when I plugged in headphones I would hear Main L/R to start. Checked Setup..Monitors to ensure Headphones has Main selected.

    No sound. I seriously am overlooking the obvious as it cannot be as difficult as I’ve experienced.

    REecording playback. Similar issue. No sound for .wav created with the Recorder feature. I can see the output meter showing the signal but cannot see where to direct the sound. Why wouldn’t Main be the default?

    Thanks for any insight.
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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to the forum. Which X-Air model are you using (XR12, XR16, XR18, X18, MR12, MR18)? Also please upload your current scene file so that we can better advise
    Here are the instructions

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    In the Setup page make sure that you have the L/R AFL selected as the Monitor Source. And then in the In/Out routing page Main Out tab make sure that Phones have Monitor selected for their source. Your posted .scn file should show us if this is the case or not.
  4. #4 by Jim Pruden on 07-05-2018
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    Thank you for the replies. I am away from the mixer for the weekend but will create and upload a scene export when I return.

    The model is XR16 and the monitor source is L/R AFL and the setup on headphones is Main L/R.
  5. #5 by Craig Fowler on 07-05-2018
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    Monitor is afl, recording afl... is the lr fader actually up and un-muted?
  6. #6 by Richard YClark on 07-05-2018
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    nd the setup on headphones is Main L/R.
    That is not the normal default for the Headphones output. Usually it uses Monitor so that you can use the Solo feature to listen to particular channels when you are setting up and defaults back to L/R AFL when not soloing. The level to the headphones jack will then depend on both the Main L/R fader being up at normal level and the headphone volume knob.
  7. #7 by Jim Pruden on 07-10-2018
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    THanks all. I am circling back on this thread I started.

    I was able to produce output of headphones and also for recording playback (Aux).

    Is there a way to mute main speakers and only listen to headphones? Muting Main mutes the headphones as well.
  8. #8 by Richard YClark on 07-10-2018
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    Try in the Setup/Monitor page selecting LR PFL (Pre Fade Listen) rather than AFL (After Fade Listen).
  9. #9 by Jim Pruden on 07-10-2018
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    Thanks Richard. I will give it a try.