VoiceLive 3 Extreme Looper Undo/Redo - horrible noise glitch

  1. #1 by Nick15502 on 07-02-2018
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    VoiceLive 3 Extreme Looper Undo/Redo - horrible noise glitch


    i was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem and had any advice. I have just started to use the Voice Live 3 Extreme looper. I have it in SMART sync mode. I have recorded a loop onto track A. I then record a loop on track B. I then overdub on track B. So far, so good. Now the problem starts.

    When I tap the Layer button to undo the overdub on track B, the voicelive often generates a really loud audible glitch. Sometimes this is like a mini-explosion (I fear for my speakers!), sometimes it just seems that the loop plays momentarily at extreme volume. Sometimes (not often) it is fine and works without glitch. The same thing happens when I tap the layer button again to "Redo". I have tried to synchronise the tapping of the layer button with the end of the loop on a down beat, etc. but I still cannot reliably get the undo or redo to work without a massive audio glitch regardless of when the layer button is actually pressed.

    The VoiceLive 3 Extreme is at the latest firmware level. In fact it has only recently been returned from a repair at an authorised repair centre.

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    Hey Nick,
    I can confirm that this is not expected behavior and our units here undo/redo loop overdubs nice and quiet... So I think what may be happening is that the particular loop slot you're using may be corrupted. Have you tried your procedure on other loop slots? When you're in the looper's "Util" menu you can use the preset up/down footswitches to scroll through the different loop slots. I've seen in the past some users have come across corrupted loop slot data, and erasing then saving the newly-empty loop slot solved their issue so that may be worth a try for you. Good luck and please report back if that was helpful at all!

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