Live sound set up

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    Live sound set up

    So heres my questions....

    I have just bought the behringer PMP2000D powered mixer, we have two sets of speakers, one of which being passive which as we have a powered mixer i thought it would be best to use these via the speacon inputs on the back of the mixer .. they are Yamaha 500watts, speacon to jack inputs on the speaker... i don't know about the omhs, i'll be honest i only found out about this ohms thing today and im still trying to get my head around it..

    will 500 watt Yamaha speakers be ok through this desk? the wattage with the mixer is on the confusing side as Amazon was saying it was 1000, but it says 2000 on the box.

    the other speakers are active, and i dont like like active speakers and i know you cant use them going through a powered mixer. besides they suck for live bands.

    i will be using 3 vocals and some guitar through the speakers in a small club.

    i will most likely use the powered speakers as monitors coming out of the main mix through the front of the desk?

    we've used a flatbed behringer monitor that is bigger than ours with the same 500 watt speakers at a gig and the monitors too and it worked fine...

    help appreciated.