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    Routing Help

    At our House of Worship in Puerto Rico We have an X32 flagship for FOH, an S32 digital snake on stage , 4 P16-M for the band in ears, 2 powered floor wedges for the vocalis and a P16-I unit.
    I connected 2 Toslink cables from the ADAT outs of the S32 snake to the ADAT inputs of the P16-I which in turn feeds the four P16-M

    Please tell me the correct routing on the FOH X32

    God bless y'all
    Miguel Portillo
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    Hi Miguel,

    That is odd that you didn't use the S32 Ultranet port with a P16D. But since you already have the P16-I, if you look on the back of the S32, it states that the ADAT 1-8 is outputs 17-24, and 9-16 is 25-32. Therefore on the FOH you would assign your desired output to the respective (Routing) AES50 3rd and 4th bank of 8.

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    Thanks Paul
    We had the P16I connected to our old analog board so we decided to keep using it.

    If I understood your instructions I woul press ROUTING, then AES50A OUTPUTS, then on the 3rd bank (17-24) I should select P16 1-8, and on the 4th bank (25-32) I would select P16 8-16.

    Do I have to make any selections on banks 33-40 and 41-489?

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    Do I have to make any selections on banks 33-40 and 41-489?
    Nope. Those affect what comes out of the S32's ultranet socket, not its ADAT sockets...

    That said, you could set it the same as 17-32 if you want and run another P16 off there, or set it differently and run a p16 with a different bunch of signals (eg a p16 mix for the drummer that contains lots of individual drum and bass sounds, but not many BVs of the ultranet socket, and a separate P16 mix run of ADAT\P16i for the BVs that has lots of vocals and keys so they can pitch their voices properly, but not a lot of drums.)

    The other thing you have to do (assuming you've set AES50A 17-32 as P16 1-8 and P16 9-16) is actually put some signals into P16 1-8 and P16 9-16. This is done on the Routing>ultranet tab. By default this will be direct outs of the console's first 16x channels (which will probably be signals from the first 16x of the S32's 32 preamps.) However you can change this to include signals from other channels, buses, FX returns, talkback etc.