Greetings from my laptop!

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    Greetings from my laptop!

    Hi everyone! New to the forums, and fairly new to Behringer products. I purchased a XENYX 1202FX mixer earlier this year but haven't done much with it. Bought it for live performances but couldn't get it to work for some reason. It works fine for other applications in my studio, but not at a venue. No idea, but will investigate more at some point.

    Basically just wanted to say hello. Joined the community because of another issue that I resolved as I was writing a post for help, lol. Go figure. The problem was having no sound in the left ear on headphones while recording, but was fine for playback. Turned out that I didn't need phantom power on the iRig PRE that I was using. So all is good.

    So far, though, I really like this mixer. Compact, lots of features suited to my needs, and for a very good price. I'm not one to participate in forums just for the sake of conversing and such, but I'm glad to be registered in case anything comes up in the future - or even if I can help someone else in some way.