M32 Edit Connectivity

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    Ah, that helps. I do have an m32r, btw.

    Unfortunately my router is in a completely different part of the house so sounds like I will not be able to use the edit software without extensive rewiring of the house...how strange that it needs a physical connection to a router just to talk to a computer that is already physically connected to it via USB!

    If I connect the computer that has the edit software directly to the board via CAT5 would that work?
    You (imo) should get another router just for audio use. Not so strange to need a physical connection, unlike the MR/XR18 series The M32 has no wireless connectivity of its own. The usb is strictly for the usb add on card section to daw. You either need to hardwire to the router and then your computer can communicate with the router and mixer wirelessly or connect a lan cable directly to your pc, either way you need a cat5 cable connected to the board.
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    One Step in the Right Direction!

    Went to Best Buy today, got a NetGear powerline for my router, plugged in to the nearest outlets and everything worked great! Thanks to all for your thoughts and comments.

    Another unrelated victory, got MIDI working today as well....strange that the m32r does not support typical MIDI functionality, but bought a cheap MIDI to USB converter cord and away I go!

    Feels like the studio is getting a bit of momentum!

    Thanks again,