Voicelive 3 Manufacturing Problems

  1. #1 by Jeremy Murray-Wakefield on 06-13-2018
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    Voicelive 3 Manufacturing Problems


    Can anyone tell me if the manufacturing issues with Voicelive 3 have been fixed?

    I was all set to press the "purchase" button on one of these until I started to see the huge number of terrible reviews from angry customers with defective units (usually screen issues or boot-up problems), along with reports of terrible customer service.

    Has the situation improved?
    - I don't want to purchase an expensive brick and get rewarded with poor customer service.
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    Warranty Issues

    Considering the 2 year warranty should speak volumes .

    I had a failure , it was fixed in a week including the travel time shipping .

    Some have had issues with back order parts making their repair unreasonably long .
    The TC people here in this forum jumped on it when they found out of the two individuals
    issues with back order part .

    Any electronic purchase can fail , what matters is the back up.

    I think T.C. Helicon is a great company so far .

    EZ :