inuke nu1000dsp bridged

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    inuke nu1000dsp bridged

    This has probably been asked but I could not find a thread. I know I can put the amp into bridged mono mode on the control panel, but do I have to make changes to the cable? Can I run a standard cable (1+, 1-) from channel A and daisy chain two 8-ohm subs? i want to get the most from the amp without blowing it up!
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    BUMP-- I have a show this weekend...HELP PLEASE!!!
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    Hi Darrell,

    Welcome to the forum. If you look on the back of the iNuke, it clearly shows the cable pinout for bridge mode (1+ pos, 2+ neg). If you look in the manual (page 20), bridge mode can go down to 4 ohms. Two 8 ohm subs in parallel will show 4 ohms to the amp. Make sure those subs are in fact 8 ohms each. Anything less, could indeed damage both the subs and the amp (been there, done that...).

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