DL251 + x32 Rack Compatibility

  1. #1 by Jonathan Duckett on 06-08-2018
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    DL251 + x32 Rack Compatibility

    I'm running a X32 Rack with firmware 3.08. Is it possible to connect and control a DL251 without doing a firmware downgrade? How do go about changing the firmware on the DL251 without a pro series console? Unfortunately, I do not have access to the DL251 until hours before the gig.

    Thanks for any input on this!
  2. #2 by Gary Higgins on 06-08-2018
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    All you need to do is run the x32 clock at 48k and the Dl251 also at 48k. The x32 can’t do any higher than 48 and the DL can’t do any lower than 48, so 48k it is. That’s it afaik.
  3. #3 by Peter van Gils on 06-09-2018
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    I'm running an X32 with firmware 3.08 with the DL251 on firmware 3.4.3. This runs fine. (No loss of control of the preamps, which is an issue with pre-3.08 firmware if I understood correctly.)

    DL251 firmware 3.4.4. should be ok as well. I don't know about earlier firmware on the DL251.

    So, if both are on the latest firmware, you should be ok.
  4. #4 by Jonathan Duckett on 06-09-2018
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