ip500 level issue and factory reset issue

  1. #1 by Charlie Carter on 06-08-2018
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    ip500 level issue and factory reset issue

    Did an outdoor show with a new set of ip500's yesterday and had a couple issues.
    About 350 spectators on a lawn around a gazebo with a singer playing acoustic guitar.
    During set up, I noticed that one unit was noticeably lower than the other. I triple checked that all settings were the same: Process set to Music, EQ flat, All inputs set to 0. Sub at 0.
    Going out of an XR16 L/R xlr's to input A on each ip500's.
    I set levels to -2dB on Input A on the louder unit and +2dB on the quieter unit. Sounded good through the show.
    Post show I matched settings again. Still off. I swapped inputs and replaced all cables/channels, checked panning on XR, restarted ip500's. No change so I finally hit Factory Reset on the lower unit, just in case I missed something.
    Not a good outcome. The volume on the unit dropped about 10dB and was hardly audible sitting next to the other unit. So, one reset and the other right out of the box and there was a huge difference in levels. Again I matched all settings and swapped cables etc. No change.
    I then reset the other unit that was louder and it dropped 10dB to match the other unit.
    Now both units are barely audible using the settings that I just ran a show with.
    I stopped there as the venue was closing but I clearly have plenty of questions.
    Such as: What just happened!? (possible -10/+4 setting?) etc
    Not a beginner. I've been doing sound since 97. Trained/certified/licensed/insured.
    Thanks for any help.
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    You said you compared and matched the input gain settings, but you didn't mention if you checked the main output volume of the speakers. Since you did a factory reset on both, it sounds like they both then went back to the same default output volume. Just dial up the output volume to get higher SPL and check to see that they match.

    Have you tried connecting the speakers to the ios remote app with Bluetooth?
  3. #3 by Charlie Carter on 06-21-2018
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    Issue resolved

    I had a few responses to check the input level and output levels, but no one except the recent poster had mentioned the app. It appears that I had connected to each one individually and adjusted the volume in the app separately and they were different. Unfortunately I could not get there on the speakers alone and was confused that all levels were the same. Once I connected to each one individually again via the app I was able to match the levels and resolve the issue.
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    ip500 firmware update

    I was confused since I found downloadable firmware 2.1.0 for the ip500's where my ip500's have vsn 1.0. ttps://www.musictri.be/brand/c/Turbosound/downloads. Catagory: Inspire, Product: iP500, Type: Firmware.
    I was later told by the Turbosound folks that the firmware is not upgradeable on the ip500.
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    I borrowed an ip 3000 from a mate, the bloke was shocked when I asked him to set it at 0db, I had to run my x air really hot to get a decent amount of level from the system, I decided not to buy one. is this normal with the range, do they want a big signal.