Routing issues with X32 Full size, Producer and S16

  1. #1 by Jamie Prosser on 06-07-2018
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    Routing issues with X32 Full size, Producer and S16

    Hi Guys, let me explain my setup first.

    X32 full size at FOH controlling all inputs and monitors.

    X32 Producer as my first stage box (inputs 1-16)
    S16 as my second stage box (inputs 17-32)

    The Cat5 is all daisy chained so S16 AES50 A to AES50 B on the producer. Then from AES50 A on the producer to AES50 A on the X32 Full size.

    I have all the inputs working 100% fine.

    I want my 8 monitor mixes (busses 1 thru 8) to come out of the 8 outputs on the producer and for my main left and right to come out on 7&8 on the S16.

    Now this is currently working but 7&8 on the producer are outputting my Master left and right.

    I know it must be a setting somewhere but cant seem to find it.

  2. #2 by Craig Fowler on 06-07-2018
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    Starting from Scratch

    On the Producer:
    Synchronization: Internal

    HA Remote: AES50A

    Outputs1-16: Local1-16
    Outputs17-32: AES50B 1-16

    Outputs1-8: AES50A 9-16

    Routing>XLR Out
    Outputs1-4: AES50A 1-4
    Outputs5-8: AES50A 5-8

    On the FOH Console:
    Synchronization: AES50A

    Inputs1-32: AES50A 1-32

    Output1: Bus1, Post Fader
    Output8: Bus8, Post Fader
    Output15: MainL, Post Fader
    Output16: MainR, Post Fader

    Outputs1-8: out1-8
    Outputs9-16: out9-16

    S16 in Mode1