The right voice live for me? your help appreciated!

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    The right voice live for me? your help appreciated!


    Would love some input from experienced voice live users.

    Considering the voice live play, voice live 3 and 3 extreme.

    I'll be using it for vocal effects mainly and don't expect to use the guitar FX much, but that may change if I like them. I have a large pedal board already.

    I plan to combine whichever voicelive I get with the RC300 (I prefer the layout and functionalityof the looper).

    I will be playing live and recording, beat boxing, guitar, bass and keys into the looper, obviously singing and lots of vocal FX gives me a lot of choice with sounds I make, so the more the better and sound quality is important to me.

    I think all 3 options could work, but I want to get one, and not worry about changing.

    Is the voice live play FX quality as good as the voice live 3 and extreme?

    Is the voice live 3 extreme worth the extra funds?

    Can the extreme sink with me rc300? If so that could be a good combo as I would have a huge amount of looping functions.

    Is the extreme worth the extra money?

    Any opinions?

    I will be doing covers on YouTube and original sets gigging.