External battery for Perform-VG

  1. #1 by Per Burström on 06-06-2018
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    External battery for Perform-VG

    I would like to be able to run my Perform-VG using an external battery. My plan has been to use an adapter for 10 rechargeable NiMH batteries. When newly loaded, this will give a higher voltage than 12 volt though, at least with no load. Would this be a problem?

    What about actually using a lower voltage than 12 v? Would even 9 volt be enough if I don't need the phantom power?

    Ideally though I would like to find a powerpack that can output both 9 and 12 volt, to be able to power both my Perform-VG as well as my 9 volt pedals. Is there such a product available?

    Thanks in advance!
    /Per, Stockholm
  2. #2 by Stefan Aumüller on 06-26-2018
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    External battery

    Hi there.
    I am using a powerbank with 12 V output and it's working fine.
    Eventually this one.
    But eventually you need a polarity inverter too.
    I have found this at a music instruments shop here in germany. www.thomann.de