UMC404HD, learning the hard way..USB B compatibility, length

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    UMC404HD, learning the hard way..USB B compatibility, length

    I have had the UMC404HD for a week and the first time I ran it it was a nightmare, I've used to use a very long usb cable to reach further places for tracking with the xeyx usb mixer but it this new interface is not cooperative with it, I though my interface was broken but the oem cable worked. So I have no clue if it is just the cable lacking quality or if it is a cable length technical limit, so maybe Behringer would sell some longer cables that are vetted for this
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    The limit is 5m/16ft if you use a high quality usb cable. If the cable was cheap then it isn’t a high quality cable and you can expect it to work less than 5m.

    There exist usb cables with builtin active usb repeaters for longer runs that may or may not work for this application. Another solution is to put an usb hub in between two cables.

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    I see.. I guess my 25ft cable will be only for my mixer then :/

    That's good to know, I guess I'll just have to extend the analog inputs instead.