Harmony G XT - Problem with lead vocal in harmony output

  1. #1 by Scotty Davidson on 06-03-2018
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    Harmony G XT - Problem with lead vocal in harmony output

    I am working to incorporate the Harmony G XT into my live gigging rig and am having an issue with the outputs. My plan is to use both vocal outputs to the front of house sound board. The dry output for the lead vocal and the wet output for the harmonies. That way, the FOH sound engineer can mix the harmonies independently from the lead vocal. The problem is that for some reason, there is lead vocal coming through the wet/harmony output when the harmony vocal footswitch is not engaged. Why is lead vocal coming through on a channel intended for the harmonies? Is there a way to fix this?

    This issue creates two problems. First, when the harmony channel is EQd separately by the FOH engineer, the EQ is being applied to the lead that comes through on that channel when the harmonies are not engaged. This can create issues because the dedicated lead vocal line on the mixing board may be EQd differently. But the bigger issue is that the volume level on the lead vocal is artificially increased when the harmonies are not engaged because it is coming through on two channels. And then when the harmonies are engaged, the lead vocal on the harmony channel goes away, which results in decreasing the volume of the lead vocal. Because harmonies are often engaged in choruses in songs, the last thing you want to do is reduce the lead vocal volume. This unintended effect of having the lead vocals get quieter on a chorus when everyone else is playing louder almost makes the split lead and harmony outputs unusable in live music settings for a band.

    Please help! Is there a way to make it so no dry lead vocal is sent through the wet/harmony out? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Hey Scotty,
    Here's a relevant excerpt from the manual (pg.22):

    External Mixing with Mono and Dry Outputs
    If you prefer, you can leave the level balancing between your dry voice (Tone active only) and a mono signal of the Harmony, Double and FX to your sound engineer. Ensure the Stereo LED is not lit and that the Harmony knob is set to full right. Connect the outputs to two channels of your audio mixer. The Left (Mono) output will send the wet effects and the Right (Dry) output will send your dry voice.These can be adjusted by your sound engineer.

    So can you please confirm that you have the "Stereo" LED unlit and that the "Harmony" knob is all the way clockwise?

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    Hiya Scotty and Spencer,

    I have posted a similar query, but in the Play section of this forum, so perhaps in the wrong place. You have explained the issue better than I have, Scotty. therefore I'll tag onto this one.

    I have queried TC-Helicon support and received a prompt reply (thank you)

    Regarding your question If you use the Harmony G-XT in mono, the lead vocal will be isolated from the harmony. You will only hear the harmony out of the left output and the dry out of the right. The right side is not processed. When harmonies are off, you will hear the lead vocal. Keep in mind there is no physical way to turn off the lead vocal on this unit in this mode, it is not designed to do this.

    I interpret that to mean that there is no way to keep the original vocal out of the right output when switching the harmony off.. In Mono Mode, it's really designed to send a harmony only feed to the FOH/Mixer at all times with the FOH engineer cueing it in and out as required.

    A pity, but still a great unit....... Perhaps a future firmware could address this issue and make the outputs truly split-able?
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    1.Calibrate the pots. This is how:
    1.1.While powering on the unit, press and hold "Manual" button and "ON" footswitch, you will see the "FX" light is on.
    1.2.Turn the Guitar knob to the furthest LEFT position that it will travel and press "FX". It should start to flash.
    1.3.Turn the Guitar knob to the furthest RIGHT position that it will travel and press "FX" again. "FX" should stay on and "Voice 1" should light.
    1.4.Repeat steps 1.2 +1.3 with the "FX" knob and "Voice1" button.
    1.5."Voice1" should stay on and "Voice 2" should light.
    1.6.Repeat steps 1.2 +1.3 with the "Harmony" knob and "Voice 2" button.
    1.7.The regular display should kick in a few seconds after completing the process.

    2.Ensure the Stereo LED is not lit.

    3.Ensure the Harmony knob is set to full right.

    4.Ensure the Double is not light.