Add multi-channel headphone amp to P16 IEM family?

  1. #1 by Jin Zeng on 05-31-2018
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    Add multi-channel headphone amp to P16 IEM family?

    There've been many debates on P16 IEM ecosystem. But I can't help but wondering if Behringer would potentially bring out a wired multi-channel headphone amp that could utilize ultranet protocol to provide multiple stereo headphone mixes but loose all physical knobs and buttons (controlled by app) to save cost.

    Currently, if I want to take small and inexpensive XR18 for my band's live shows, I can only use up to six powered wedges. If I want to go in-ear, I have to hook up my 6-channel headphone amp using XLR to TRS cables, and it gives only mono monitor mixes. Or, use special dual XLR to TRS stereo unbalanced cables to achieve 3 stereo in-ear mixes.

    To me, a multi-channel headphone amp with P16 alike monitor mixing network in stage box or rack mounted format will make sense to go with XR18. Lose all the extra knobs and buttons on P16-M and just use app for control. This can be a pretty inexpensive wired IME solution with very convenient connection for small bands or small live shows.

    Wondering if Behring would eventually work on something like this. Maybe combining HA8000 V2 with functionality of one P16-D and brains of eight P16-M (lose all controls and headphone amp, leaving them to app and HA8000).
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    That's a great idea!...Until you realize that Ultranet is only a split from signals that already exist, like channel strips and mix busses.

    Seeing as you only have 12 mix busses in total (6 auxes + 4 FX + 2 LR), you can only have that many mixed Unet sends. Anything beyond that has to be from a single channel.

    So it's really not that much better from a controllability standpoint than the physical AUX outs. The only real advantage is if you're not using FX or LR for their intended purpose, in which case you can use them for more monitor mixes that would only be accessible en masse via the Unet patch or 18-ch USB.