Mic Mechanic (First Series) Boot-up issues

  1. #1 by Roger Singleton on 05-31-2018
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    Mic Mechanic (First Series) Boot-up issues

    So, I guess this issue is a boot-up issue. We have two of these units and one does it EVERY TIME and the other does it around one of three boot-ups.

    Basically, upon plugging the unit in, you get the green LED and that's where it stays. If you unplug the unit and wait around 20-30 seconds, then plug it back in, you MIGHT get it to fully cycle...if not, rinse and repeat. I have had a couple gigs where it never booted fully up.

    I have installed the latest firmware, reset the unit, tried a different power supply and various other things to no avail. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to like power strips and will fail pretty constantly on one.
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    boot up issues

    I am guessing they won't respond to an issue with an item that is past it's 1 year warranty. I have the same issue as you, and was hoping for a response to your question.
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    Update: I started a support ticket, and they replaced the unit.
    They will ask you to return the bad one first. Remember to keep your power supply!

    Start a support ticket here: http://support.tc-helicon.com/tickets/new