Perform vk simply not working after leaving on for few minutes,

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    Perform vk simply not working after leaving on for few minutes,

    Tried to use this unit on a few pro gigs but simply unreliable...
    Seems to work at first but if its left for a few minutes when you go back to it the sound emitted is high pitched squeak with no original vocal! or the levels jump down so low that you can't hear the harmonies!
    Pretty sure i cant be the only one who is getting this problem.
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    My VK is on for weeks at a time and it does not exhibit this behaviour.

    Are you connecting a keyboard to the VK using MIDI, if so it is possible the VK is responding to MIDI messages that it is receiving. You can tell the VK to ignore MIDI PC/CC messages, to do this press and hold the SET button on the VK when you power the VK on.

    If the Power Supplying the VK was BAD ( ie spikes, low voltage or not stable) it is possible the VK could behave strangely, although I would have thought that it would CRASH.

    Do you have the MIC type set correctly, ie IF you do not have a MP-75 or MP-76 Microphone, do not set the VK to one of these, as these mic can trigger functions in the VK using TC-Helicon Mic Control features that they have.

    Is it possible the VK MIC Nudge feature is kicking in, if your Microphone is picking up loud stage noise via Monitor speakers, the VK could possibly be lowering the MIC gain to prevent digital clipping. This can be turned off Quote from Spencer in another post
    Holding the Set button until it turns red engages the automatic gain setting. Sing you absolute loudest while still holding the Set button and it will automatically set the gain for you.
    Releasing the Set button will bring up a red ring - this shows the microphone input gain. Allow this ring to time out (about 2 seconds) and the "nudge" function will be active.
    If you happen to sing louder than you did when setting the gain (which is common if you set it up solo then start singing with a band behind you) there is a "nudge" function that will bump down the gain to avoid clipping your signal.
    If you do not want to use this "nudge" function, you can manually set the input gain and it will never lower itself...

    To manually set the gain you can either:
    -Adjust the red ring that is displayed after setting the gain. Tweaking this at all (manually setting it) will tell the gain to never change.
    -If you hold the Set button for about two seconds, releasing it will bring up the red gain ring, and similarly adjusting it will manually set the gain.

    Once the input gain has been manually set, the "nudge" function is disabled.

    Pressing the Set button at all after manually setting the gain will re-engage the "nudge" function, even if you use it to change the LED brightness. So as long as you leave the Set button alone after manually setting the gain, it will never change the gain setting on you (unless you power off the VK).
    You can also LOCK the VK when not in use, to do this press and hold TALK button for about 2 seconds and it enters lock mode, all outputs are muted, to unlock same procedure.

    Hopefulyy something is of use.