Design suggestions for audio interfaces

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    Design suggestions for audio interfaces

    Hi all. I am a huge fan of my UMC404HD interface. Well, at least in terms of its sound and build quality. The only thing I see it lacking is the same thing that virtually all modern interfaces lack - an ergonomic design!

    Many people use interfaces towards the middle or back of their desks to avoid having cables cluttering up their workspace. This means that users are often looking down at an interface that is facing directly forward. Additionally, a user must manipulate knobs and buttons at this angle, making for what (I think) is an awkward experience.

    In addition to not facing at an angle that makes ergonomic sense, the U line of interfaces makes the same mistake that, again, many other interface designers make - placing the inputs at the front of the unit. Now, I can understand how there might be two sides to this argument. Front-facing inputs allow for quick switching of cables and leave more room on the rear for extra I/O options.

    But I think that, especially when talking about 8 channel interfaces, users aren't switching out cables very often at all.

    So with all of that being said, I'd like to hold up the Lexicon U82S as the best example of audio interface design that I've ever seen. The angled front panel faces the user in a way that allows easy visualization and manipulation of settings. Each gain knob is big, allowing for more accurate level setting, and each channel has its own LED meter (rather than the single red light of the current U series). Every input and output is on the rear of the interface, so NO unsightly, protruding wires!


    Some of the I/O does spill over onto the sides of the unit as a consequence of it not having any on the front, but I have a feeling that the folks at Behringer could manage to put everything at the rear of the unit if they were so inclined.

    That's pretty much it. Again, I love the U-series of interfaces, but I'd love to see Behringer take the same ergonomics-focused design approach as Lexicon.